Apple iPhone 11, 64GB,vit,84% batteri

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Bluetooth, Wi-Fi



50 recensioner av Apple iPhone 11, 64GB,vit,84% batteri

  1. Diane R

    Llego a tiempo!!

    Es una excelente inversión, llego sin rayones, como nuevo!!

  2. Brian Popp

    Very good choice

    The condition is like new. No scratches or marks at all. Battery was 94%. I couldn’t ask for a better deal.

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  3. jesse alvarez

    Awesome phone

    I was a hardcore Android user and I finally decided to jump on this iPhone. I simply love everything about it. If I could do a do over it would have been the 13 pro max in yellow of course, a yellow like the yellow on the Amazon submit button. Thanks for this great phone!

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  4. Gray

    My sister love the phone and fast shipping

    I bought from another store and I did not get my order because they were late with my items and I was not at the address at the time convenient for them as they were religious, the seller of the other store seems unhelpful and unapologetic so I purchased this phone and got it next day. Love the phone and it function well. Please purchase from Amazon stores despite the price. I am now scared of third parties. Still awaiting my refund from the other store

  5. Amazon Customer

    Camera and Audio are Great

    Arrived faster than expected (near Thanksgiving when I ordered). No problems with the unit, so far. Other than the iPhone design features I don’t like – such as the fact iphones are better computers than phones, and the location/functionality of the audio control button. It’s a good used buy for the price. I also dislike the fact that you are relegated to BlueTooth because there’s no audio jack. Picture quality is very good, but zoom function takes a little getting used to. The audio is crisp and loud even if you are just listening to the phone Why bother dropping more money when you can get the Amazon recondition and guarantee?

  6. Amazon Customer

    Great deal

    Works and looked like new.

  7. smp

    Good value

    Good value

  8. Breana LoobyBreana Looby

    Love this phone so far🤸🏾‍♀️

    I got this phone last month, came in in great condition. Definitely a good buy.

  9. Amazon Customer

    An excellent value for both cost and performance

    If you didn’t known the phone was ‘refurbished’ you would swear it was new and unused. Data and apps transfer from an iphone 8 was smooth with no issues. The phone is performing flawlessly and I consider the purchase a “home run”.

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  10. S. Tracey

    Less expensive upgrade that brand new.

    I did not want to spend $1000+ for a brand new phone. This was 1/2 that price and does what I need. I thought the battery life would be longer.

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  11. gabby

    There is a little residue around the phone but it isnt much

    It came with 93It came with 93% battery health and nothing was wrong with the body of the phone it didn’t come with the original charger but that isnt a big deal.The cameras work great and it connects to sim as well as wifi.Overall great purchase for a refurbished/renewed phone

  12. terrans

    Like new iPhone 11!!

    I bought this one for one of my kids and I was surprised by the like new condition of the phone. Battery 100%, no scratches on the body and the screen was clean and almost new. Work as a new phone. I recommend it!!!

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  13. NoheliaNohelia

    Excedió mis expectativas

    Este producto es lo mejor, excedió mis expectativas,claro es un renovado premianViene desbloqueado lo uso con la red claro de Costa Rica y funciona perfectamente,el wifi datos sonido, Face ID todo funciona perfectamente y lo mejor de todo es que venía con la batería al 100Lo recomiendo al 100, estaré actualizando si sucede algún cambio nuevo

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  14. R. Kneeland

    Exceeded our expectations

    I bought this when my husband broke his phone. We figured we’d give it a shot as it’s less expensive and there’s a great return policy. We’re so happy we have it a shot! Arrived with the battery at 100% charging capability, no visible scuffs or scratches, and the charging cord and brick were great too. This phone has worked no differently than the phones we’ve purchased right from Apple stores. So happy we took a chance and bout an Amazon refurbished phone.

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  15. aquasun

    Excellent condition. I love it

    I’ve been using the iPhone 11 for 3 months now and it’s still working perfectly. I’m not sure at what battery health it came at but it’s currently at 92% and I don’t have any issues with it. The phone looked brand new when it arrived and they included a charger. I trust this seller

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  16. David

    Great iPhone nothing bad

    It came with grate battery health 98% and everything look grate no scratches or dents looks like brand new

  17. Amazon Customer

    Cell phone is great. Amazon shipping, not so much

    Phone is in excellent condition and 100% battery life so I am happy with the product. My one complaint is this makes the second order this month where I opted to pay a fee to get the product by a certain date only for it to not arrive on that date. It came on the free shipping date. I will no longer pick to pay to get it sooner because it’s apparently B.S. these days.

  18. Shelley

    98% of New

    I don’t often review products, but this phone deserves some props. I was wary of “Renewed” phones, particularly concerned about how much battery life I would get. I’ve had the phone now about 10 weeks, and I couldn’t be happier. Phone arrived in its custom-made box with a quick-start guide, protective film on both sides, and it looked brand new. Charged it up, and it has functioned perfectly. I waited 2 months to review because the phone was calibrating the battery health, which evidently takes weeks of self-monitoring. Yesterday it completed the calibration: The battery is 98% of new. If you don’t want to pay for a brand-new phone, this is a great alternative.

  19. Edgar

    Excelente Iphone

    Me parece una excelente eleccion

  20. Sabrina

    amazing quality product

    im happy with this purchase.i tried going through the backmarket seller bcuz i bought stuff from them in the past.turned out to be a shady deal. im glad i went through amazon,a little more expensive than backmarket but worth it.

  21. Chanel

    Okay but camera quality isn’t that great.

    The camera isn’t as great as a new one that isn’t refurbished.

  22. Denton East

    Excellent condition!

    Looks new.

  23. Maicol.vMaicol.v

    Venía nuevo

    Me encanto lo compré para regalárselo a mi novia y vino como nuevo la garantía de la batería de 90% , estaba en 93% garantizo que cuando el vendedor es Amazon no te viene cualquier cosa .

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  24. Amazon Customer


    Was very disappointed with the phone because it heated up the very first day I used the phone. Returning it.

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  25. MAEMAE

    Good camera, but battery is a little low

    Delivery was prompt, phone is clear and scratch free. Camera looks good. Packaging was nice. Only real problem is the battery life. The battery was “guaranteed” to be 90% or more, and on purchase it was 89%. Come on!

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  26. Suhrid Shakhar Ghosh

    Best value for money

    The phone arrived without any dent or scratch. When checked using 3utools, it showed a score of 100. Battery health was 96%.Great service by amazon.

  27. Heather Carpenter

    Battery life less than expected.

    This phone was a replacement for a broken one. We thought a refurbished phone would be the way to go. Functions well overall, and looks good, but the battery life is less than anticipated, which was disappointing. Expected 90% battery life – reality 85%

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  28. chuck

    Excellent product and I would buy it again.

    I like it.

  29. Truelove

    Replacement for son

    Got this as a replacement for my son’s phone when he got into a car accident it broke this phone was half the price as it is refurbished battery health was at 96% when received overall no issues and I love the fact it comes with such a long warranty as that was the biggest decision factor.

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  30. Jean Pierre D’Andrea

    Excelente relación costo beneficio

    Saludos, muy buena presentación del embalaje, el teléfono llegó en excelentes condiciones y hasta el momento todo funciona acorde a lo ofrecido. 😊👍

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  31. Dee

    I would definitely purchase from this seller again!

    Very easy to program the phone. Even though it was renewed premium, it looked like new. The seller took great care in packaging the phone so that it arrived without a scratch. Very satisfied!

  32. Joey 😁

    Bought it for a gift

    I’m not an Apple fan!! Bought it for a birthday present!!

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  33. Etta Healy

    No problems

    Has been working great!!


    Phone has scratches seems legit other than that

    It’s a good phone for price just don’t expect it to be perfect

  35. Jimbo

    Worth it.

    I bought this for my son and had thought about buying a slightly less expensive version. Glad I went with this one because it’s been great so far (couple of weeks now). Battery health is a big concern when buying a used phone and there can be deals out there but you’re willing to gamble on that risk. But when purchasing a guaranteed reconditioned phone then there is way less of a risk cause it’s supposedly easy to return.Fortunately don’t really know cause the phone I bought was at 100% battery health and has had no issues. So yeah, I’d recommend this purchase.

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  36. Domingo Cieza G.

    Excelente, me llegó con 95% de batería…

    Me llegó en excelente estado, como nuevo prácticamente. La batería tenía un 95% de capacidad y cargó sin problemas a 100%, claro era un RENOVADO PREMIUM, así que cumplió con lo que costó. Creo que lo compré en un buen momento y es mi primer Iphone y espero tener otros más con el tiempo. Complacido.

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  37. Kristin Stark

    This phone is only for certain carriers

    It’s important to know this unlocked phone will only work on certain carriers like T-Mobile. I assumed unlocked meant it works anywhere, and I ended up having to return it. Very disappointing

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  38. patricia g

    iphone 11 purple

    i bought this iphone 11 for my grandaughter whose phone died. it was pristine beautiful just like new. this is second time i bought a premium phone on amazon and im very impressed with them . both perfect first one was an iphone xr in white. i would recommend buying these premium phones

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  39. Jesus Padron D’Leon

    I liked it

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     I bought this for my mom, I live in Venezuela so it took a month from ordering for it to arrive home and I was beyond nervous. I tested the phone by myself (turned it on, tried the touchscreen, put in a local sim card, and made a call). It all worked! I am glad! also, the phone is in PRISTINE condition, not even a scratch!!!! I know my mom will love it, I have an iPhone 11 myself and even in 2022 it’s working so smooth! even the camera quality is stunning despite the 13 having some upgrades. The only downside: A local store had the 128 GB version for the same price I paid for this one (without international shipping) but that’s honestly on me, lol.

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  40. David Smith

    No regrets. Really like brand new. Available from and sold by Amazon.

    So after my then phone iPhone 6 S/Plus began acting up doing all sort of strange thing on its own I began my hunt for a new iPhone and settled on this… Apple iPhone 11, 64GB, Red – Unlocked (Renewed Premium). I was a little sceptical at first about buying a used phone but the new ones were a bit too expensive for me. So I decided to take the chance especially seeing the “Premium” added to the description. Turned out to be a good choice. I received the phone and did a restore from my backup which went seamlessly and painlessly…and also extremely fast. In no time at all I was back up and running with everything intact.To begin with there were no scratches on the phone…condition perfect. And when I checked battery health I got a reading of 100%. So as said it was like buying a brand new phone. No regrets whatsoever.

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  41. Erika

    creo que es aceptable pero no lo mejor

    Tiene un golpe en la parte de arriba, si en verdad deseas algo realmente bueno, por el precio da igual si lo compras nuevo, es el mismo precio y seguramente no tendrá golpes ni rasguños

  42. AlexandreAlexandre

    Excellent choice 100% SATISFIED ✌🏼😅🙌🏼🙏.

    This is one of those good days 😄🙏, I just got my brand new phone ( renewed ) but it doesn’t look like a renewed one guys, it’s 100% battery health that’s one of the things I value when purchasing phones and this Purple iPhone 11 have met my highest expectations ✌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙏🙏🙏.Great quality, no scratches, the charging pot is clean as crystal waters 😅👌🏼👌🏼.Fully satisfied with this purchase 🙌🏼🙏😅.Definitely coming back for more.

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  43. KnB

    Good value

    Liked the price and availability. Battery health was 89%. 1% less than guaranteed but not enough low to send back.

  44. wanger987#&

    Great phone, battery tho… :/

    Fast, overall a solid phone. The only thing I would decry is the battery health is 88%, not the 90 or above from the testing sheet. Wouldn’t be a huge issue except that I use the phone a bunch for work for Spotify and rideshare apps.

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  45. Jayden

    Look like a phone I would buy from Apple

    It works it’s not bad I think people get the wrong idea because it’s a Amazon phone but it works just as good as if you would buy it from the store my battery percentage is good and it’s really nothing bad I can say about so far

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  46. Sarah

    Great Purchase

    I bought this iPhone knowing full and well how absolutely picky I am about imperfections. I knew it was possible that I could get a phone that was perfect to some, but not to me. To my surprise, this phone was exactly as advertised. LIKE NEW!My battery health was 92%, and there wasn’t a single scratch on the device. I made sure to get the amazon renewed premium because their warranty is everything! I think if you start looking at these devices you will not be disappointed. I liked mine so much that when my son’s phone got ran over by a forklift, I was able to get him an iphone in the same program for an unbeatable price.Buy an amazon renewed phone. You won’t be disappointed.

  47. Julia bellJulia bell

    Phone was unlocked but has shaky camera

    The phone was unlocked as stated and I’ve had no issues except the back camera shakes and is blurry when taking pictures which is the main reason why I wanted a newer phone (picture quality). The shakiness of the camera makes it hard to send in pictures of my work for classes and paying close to the same price as buying it brand new I would’ve hoped it had no problems 🙁 but it is fully unlocked and does work besides the back camera (the photo was held straight and not shook, that’s how the back camera appears all the time)

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  48. Michael Fitzgerald

    Dead Battery

    The phone was advertised and certified as being 90% charged upon delivery but the battery was completly dead. I hope this phone does not have a battery problem by not being able to hold a charge.Mike F.

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  49. Pam Michael

    iPhone is a solid choice

    I don’t really have many complaints , the IPhone is a solid phone with many uses . Having come from a Google Pixel I can say the I’ll keep my Pixel around to take to concerts for photos and videos . The iPhone losses out to the Pixel when it comes to the camera , imo.

  50. MF

    Apple iPhone 11

    The size is just right and the battery life is better than my 6S. I’m pleased with the purchase.

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