Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) [GPS 44mm]

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Om det här föremålet WHY APPLE WATCH SE — Allt väsentligt för att hjälpa dig övervaka din kondition, hålla kontakten, spåra din hälsa och vara säker. Nu upp till 20 procent snabbare, med funktioner som Crash Detection och förbättrad träningsstatistik, är det ett bättre värde än någonsin. LÄTT ANPASSNINGSBAR – Finns i en mängd olika storlekar och färger, med dussintals band att välja mellan och urtavlor med komplikationer skräddarsydda för vad du än gillar. HÄLSA- OCH SÄKERHETSFUNKTIONER — Få hjälp när du behöver det med Krockdetektering, Falldetektering och Emergency SOS. Få djupa insikter om din hälsa, inklusive aviseringar om du har en oregelbunden rytm eller en ovanligt hög eller låg puls. ENKELT KOMPATIBEL — Den fungerar sömlöst med dina Apple-enheter och tjänster. Lås upp din Mac automatiskt. Hitta dina enheter med ett tryck. Betala och skicka pengar med Apple Pay. Apple Watch kräver en iPhone 8 eller senare med den senaste iOS-versionen. SIMMETÄTT OCH SNYGGT — Vattentålig till 50 meter. Tre avslut. Och ett omdesignat, färgmatchat bakfodral tillverkat med en ny produktionsprocess som minskar dess koldioxidutsläpp med över 80 procent. APPAR PÅ HANDEN — Med tillgång till tiotusentals appar i App Store direkt på handleden är Apple Watch den perfekta personliga enheten för vad du än älskar att göra. EN KRAFTfull Träningspartner — Den förbättrade Workout-appen ger dig nya sätt att träna och avancerad statistik för mer information om din träningsprestanda. Och Apple Watch kommer med tre månaders Apple Fitness+ gratis.
HÅLL UPPKOPPAD — Skicka ett sms, ring ett samtal, lyssna på musik och poddar, använd Siri eller ring efter hjälp med Emergency SOS. Apple Watch SE (GPS) fungerar med din iPhone eller Wi-Fi för att hålla dig uppkopplad.

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Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen)

44mm S/M – fits 130–180mm wrists

Midnight Aluminium Case with Midnight Sport Band

40 Millimeters

Sleep Monitor, Activity Tracker, Voice Control, GPS, Heart Rate Monitor





51 recensioner av Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) [GPS 44mm]


    Watch not working

    Watch stop working and couldn’t be charged. We did the recommended procedure and still nothing happens

  2. Pamela Rosales EspinozaPamela Rosales Espinoza

    Excelente compra, me llegó muy rapido

    Me encanto esta compra, excelente precio y calidad

  3. David

    Better tech for the price

    Solid for sleep apps and heart monitor.

  4. Dan

    Great features but lacking a couple of critical ones

    I had the Fitbit Versa 2 prior to purchasing the Apple Watch SE. I love a number of the features that I did not have before. The integration with my iPhone and the ability to take and receive calls is great. It senses a fall which since I am well into my senior years means a lot. While there are an abundance of health and fitness apps for the SE I’d have to say that the Fitbit App beats anything I have found so far for the SE. The Fitbit had a battery life that lasted about a week – the SE barely makes it through one day if you use very many of the SE’s capabilities – a real problem if you use the sleep monitoring function. Overall the SE is a great, solid feeling watch, but is very lacking is a couple of critical areas.

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  5. Wendy Wilson

    Wish battery life was better.

    I wish battery life was better. I have turned off a lot of notifications on this watch. But I like the idea of “fall detection” and answering phone calls and texts from my watch

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  6. D. J. Finch

    Used a cheapo electronic watch for years, got this for xmas, love it

    Yes I do own an iphone but not a Apple maniac, had a electronic knockoff watch for the past few years and was given this for Xmas, very happy with it, linked to my phone so can dictate text messages when I have my hands full or my phone is somewhere in the houseDidnt get the Cellular version as the phone companies figure its another phone so charge you for another line *^#*@(* but for my needs its perfect, not really sure how many people need the cellular version, as long as you have wifi you dont really need it

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  7. SPC

    Wife love this watch

    Bought this SE watch for my non-technical wife. It’s easy to use and my wife loves it.

  8. :-]


    The battery in my old watch I have had 5 or more years and that battery is going strong on that and it only cost $55 and this apple watch was almost $300 and the batter needs charged every 12 hours or 24 or it dead….. being it cost $300 almost, the battery should last 10 years or more before a charge

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  9. Carlos Fernandez

    Muy buen reloj

    Excelente producto

  10. Lizz

    Wish the texting was better.

    Liked the black color as it matches with any band. 44mm felt large at first but it’s helpful to see everything. Only downfall is the texting element. Previous versions/software updates had a tiny keyboard you swipe across and it uses predictive text to pick your word. This one has a voice text option, and instead of a keyboard, a little screen on which you write each letter with your finger. You have to press space after each word, and doesn’t understand cursive so you have to lift your finger each time. Some letters are confused for others (I.e.: if I want to write 1, I can’t just draw a line. I have to draw a classic one. J’s can be U’s, p’s can be misconstrued as b’s if you’re going too fast.) It takes forever and is annoying and unhelpful in times when it’s inappropriate to use voice text. Unsure if it’s the newer watches or a software thing.

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  11. Chrissy

    Just so you know

    I wish someone would’ve wrote that or they should let you know that you need a different thing that you plug in the wall. You can’t use the regular ones if they were to let me know I could’ve ordered it so I don’t know the answers to the other questions because I can’t charge it yet, but I’ll let you know when I do how it goes but just make sure you buy one of them

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  12. rezanna willoughby


    Love it

  13. Joan Dutko

    Love this watch

    Wasn’t sure if I would like an Apple Watch, so I wanted to try the SE Second generation. This watch does everything I wanted it to. I use it to track all of my steps and all of my different workouts. I also love that I can get and send texts from my watch. The only thing I can’t do is send or receive texts if my phone is not nearby. I would def purchase this watch again.

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  14. FernandaFernanda


    Muy buen reloj, tiene todo lo que necesitas y mas por un costo accesible

  15. Lydia Johnson

    Happy I purchased!

    I am so happy I bought my Apple Watch. Overall I love my watch for keeping track of exercise and taking incoming calls and texts. I feel like it helps me stay off my phone but aware if someone messages me. I know someone with an older version and I can definitely tell the difference in speed while doing normal typing/ scrolling etc. I am glad I got this one due to the not lagging speed compared to other. I can get two days battery life out of my Apple Watch. The charge is fast, but extended battery life is always a plus for future improvements.

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  16. Aryan

    Good one

    Bought for my parents they loved it

  17. Kristalyn Phillips

    Great watch!

    The watch came in brand new in its original container. It works fabulously! It has so many new features that my old watch did not have. No issues with the watch at all.

  18. Pete3

    This Apple Watch has so many features

    Used on a daily basis and enjoying all features

  19. Wasan


    This watch is amazing! It can do so much, With some really cool features such as the mickey or minnie watch face and when you tap them it says the time in there voice! So cute! The only thing pretty much is that its not a usb charger. It come with the charging wire, but you need a specific head for it! Thankfully, Awhile ago i bought an ipad that came with a charging head perfect for the watch charger. If you have a oculus, im pretty sure you could use that head too because my sister has one and the head for it works! All in all, i’d 100% recommend, Just make sure you also purchase the right head with it!

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  20. xingou

    Works well for what I need.

    I had to buy a different band but the actual watch works well.

  21. Chrissy D.Chrissy D.

    Great purchase!! Awesome gift!!!

    Battery lasts a long time! Great quality and it looks great!!

  22. Michael MacDonald

    Good watch

    Nice watch

  23. JG



  24. C

    Least expensive option for a new 2022 Apple Watch

    UPGRADES from Watch SE (2020):-S8 chip: Up to 20% faster than previous Watch SE in theory (previous version was using S5 chip)-Crash detection: Will detect if you are in a crash (same tech in iPhone14 and Watch Series 8)-Price: Starts at $249, currently older Watch SE (2020) is still priced at $269Other changes: Back of watch is no longer ceramic, now just plastic and aluminumSo, not huge changes from the previous SE really. This watch comes with OS 9, but the older SE (2020) is also able to upgrade its software to Watch OS 9. So far in testing, the battery life also seems to be about the same as the older SE. So OVERALL, it does not seem to me to be worth upgrading from the old SE to this SE2. I haven’t been able to notice much of a difference, and I actually prefer the ceramic back of the old SE (2020). If you feel the need to upgrade from SE (2020), you might want to look at the other new Watch 8 models that have more features.—-CHOOSING BETWEEN WATCH SE2 AND WATCH 8?:Compared to Watch Series 8, this SE2 is missing these features:-No ECG, No blood oxygen, No temp sensor: These sensors on Watch 8 can provide more health data.-No fast charging: Fast Charging is supported on Watch 7 series and Watch 8 series (including Watch Ultra).-No IP6X dust resistance: Watch 8 has an IP6X rating, which means that it is safe from dust/debris.-No Always-On-Display: Watch 8 has Always-On-Display.-Size: The Watch 8 face is bigger (41mm and 45mm, vs 40mm and 44mm), but with smaller bezels; resulting in 20% more screen area on Watch 8 compared to SE2.-No U1 Ultra-Wideband: U1 chip allows for more precise location of devices, for use in multiple applications.-Battery: Watch 8 has 308mAh battery, SE2 is listed at 296mAh (both rated 18 hours though).Currently Watch 8 is about $150 more than SE2, so it is up to you to decide if you want to spend more to get access to these additional features. For me, the biggest noticeable differences between the two are the screen size, Always-On-Display, and charging speeds. The Always-On-Display makes a difference of a second or two whenever you get a notification, not a huge deal but noticeable. I also like the faster charging of Watch 8 because I usually sleep with my Watch on to get sleep tracking data, so I mainly charge during the day, and being able to do that faster means more time actually wearing the watch.Ultimately, you’ll have to decide what is important to you, and if you need an even more rugged/durable Watch for lots of rough outdoor use, there is always the Watch 8 Ultra. Ultra is even bigger, brighter, and more durable, with a bigger battery and feature designed to cater to outdoor activities.

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  25. SoapSuds

    Really nice watch

    I have small wrists, and it was just the right size. Feels great and works well!

  26. Rhonda mock

    Nice watch

    Granddaughter loves the watch.uses it daily

  27. Alberto

    Fast Shipping

    Fast shipping, everything is okay

  28. Kathleen McCoy

    Excellent Apple product

    Excellent Apple product watch. Bought this watch for my son for Christmas. He absolutely loves it. Of course I bought mine about five years ago and Apple watches are great.

  29. Kathy Janisch

    Great watch

    Easy to charge and wonderful connectivity.

  30. Maha


    Great quality watch from Apple

  31. Anastasia

    watch seems fine, but i cannot use.

    I am completely heartbroken,DO NOT BUY IF YOU DON’T HAVE AN iPhone 8 or higher with ios 16 or higher!!ALSO DOES NOT COME WITH TYPE C WALL CHARGER REQUIRES IT TO BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY.I have wanted an Apple watch for a while now but i am disabled and very low income.after looking things up and going back and forth with my decision I finally landed on making the purchase because I felt informed enough and I still had deeply wanted one.I ordered it and got it a few days later, started setting it up and, bam first issue, no wall charger…found one and ordered it with 2 options, either order it overnight for an additional charge or wait a week for it to get here.I ordered it and it arrived, watch charged fine,then BAM second issue, it REQUIRES pairing with an iphone”luckily”, I thought, I had one from a purchase from a birthday gift a couple years agoI got the phone charged and turned on but the watch pairing said the ios was not updated on the phone. so I initiated the update and install,few minutes later the phone was updated, tried the pairing again and BAM another issue,the ios for iPhone 7 apparently only goes up to ios 15.5.7 or something like that and i am now stuck trying to figure out if I should keep the watch and save up for a refurb iphone 8 or higher or send the watch back for a refund.Heartbreaking 🙁

    74 people found this helpful

  32. RajaniRajani

    Scratches easily but I like it

    Love this watch. Battery life could be better but its alright. One thing to beware of is the amount of scratches this thing gets and the photo is only within 50 hours of using it. I will be buying screen protectors because there are many more tiny scratches that my camera wont pick up

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  33. zhourongkai


    my wife love it

  34. Kristen A.

    Honestly…it’s worth it

    I was extremely skeptical of the Apple Watch when the first hit the market. To be frank, I thought they were pretentious and unnecessary. Over time, I saw how my friends and coworkers enjoyed theirs, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and I am so glad I did. I will be the first to admit I was wrong.Like a fair amount of the American population, I have ADD. Also like a fair amount of the American population, I sit behind a computer from 8-5. I would hyper focus and go hours working on a project without standing or taking a break. With my apple watch, it quietly and quickly vibrates every hour to remind me to stand up, and I will walk a lap. Then come back to my work. I like the challenge of meeting my goals (which are adjustable) and I can “compete” with my friends in different states for bragging rights regarding meeting goals.I also do not “doomsday scroll” on my iPhone at nights as much, because I can leave my phone in another room knowing I won’t miss a text or a call due to the texts/calls coming through on my watch.Overall, as ridiculous as typing it out is, this watch has been a good tool for my mental and physical health. I’ve lost weight (and kept it off). I will cave and admit that this watch is great.

    5 people found this helpful

  35. Crystal Jimenez

    Happy with my purchase!

    I finally bought an Apple watch because I’ve been wanting to improve my mental health with more physical activities. At first I was annoyed by all the notifications I received on the watch; it’s essentially a mirror of your smartphone. After I turned most of them off except phone calls/texts it was much better to use.While the battery life is not as long as other competition out there, there are some features that I think make the watch worth it:1. Fitness+- LOVE THIS APP! I’m currently trailing it free for 3 months, and it’s a game changer. I love how there is new content weekly for different exercises like kickboxing, pilates, HIIT, yoga, dance, etc. I have a smart tv and stream the videos on there. I get to see my heart rate and calories burned LIVE, so it motivates me to work harder. You can also filter the exercises by duration, music genre, fitness instructor, and more! I will definitely be keeping the subscription after my trial is over; it”s definitely worth it.2. Daily/weekly challenges with myself and friends- I enjoy the rings concept and connecting with my friends who also have an Apple watch. I get notifications of when they complete a workout, which encourages me to exercise myself.3. Find My- I use this app constantly to find my phone in another room.4. Direct streaming to my iPhone- it is nice to see my stats on my phoneOverall, if you’re considering getting an Apple Watch, do it. I selected this one because I don’t need the data option, and this is a budget friendly enough device for so much value.

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  36. C Miles

    I’d give it 5 stars if the charger was actually a USB!

    I’ve had several Apple watches and so far have been happy with them. My one complaint is that I HAVE NO WAY TO CHARGE THIS THING, and thank goodness I have my charger from the previous watch. While the charger it comes with looks just like the others, the end of it IS NOT USB. It is much smaller and I have absolutely NOTHING in my possession that I can plug it into. I thought it would plug into my phone, perhaps, but it doesn’t fit. I have an Apple computer but there are no ports that match the watch charger, either. So, I’m SOL on using the charger it came with until I figure out what to do. I realize all I need is to perhaps buy something but I’m not willing to go there since I can use my other charger which works fine. As for the watch itself, I really do like it. I appreciate the extra storage space and it definitely works faster. I can store more music in it and the large variety of watch faces is a plus for me. There are more than enough apps on this and I turned off the ones I know I’ll never use – some are ridiculous – such as, it senses when you are washing your hands and starts a 20 second timer. That’s too much “big brother” type stuff for me – I don’t need help. I would recommend that if you are replacing this with an older Apple Watch that you choose the manual setup and don’t allow it to automatically set based on your old watch. This is how I was able to catch what I would consider too much nosiness and turn it off. I mainly use the watch for running, listening to music, catching phone calls and emails, etc…just daily stuff. So I don’t need anything over the top. However, for the average person, this is a great watch with more than enough functions. All of the bands for my previous watch fit it as well. Just know that if you purchase this, you won’t be disappointed with the watch itself, but beware that you won’t be able to charge in a USB. I don’t know what Apple was thinking on that one. Finally, there are NO charging instructions or explanations.

    83 people found this helpful

  37. Kaitlin

    Love this watch for working out

    I’ve had this watch for a couple of months and cannot say enough good things! It makes it easy to track your workouts and heart rate. Very easy to set up and use, not to mention the battery lasts me 2 days! Don’t know how I lived without it! Also great for easily seeing my notifications when I’m working from home! Love being able to see work things while moving around my house

    4 people found this helpful

  38. Richard

    Great watch

    I’ve worn this watch now for a few months and really like it. It’s great to see who is calling without taking my phone out of my pocket every time my phone rings. I do wish it had face dial with larger Day/Date in the corner. My 64 year old eyes cant see the smaller Date or Temp in the corners. Being able to hang up on annoying spam calls from my watch, leaving my phone in my pocket is the best feature.

    8 people found this helpful

  39. AdrianAdrian

    Apple always delivers!!

    Short review. There isn’t much to say other than Apple makes amazing products very pleased. Glad I ended up purchasing it! Oooonly complaint which I think everybody has, is for the price point you would think the battery life would be a lot more competitive (still get like a 1 day 1/2 or so) like other brands but it is what is. Extremely happy.

    10 people found this helpful

  40. SkylarElizabeth™️SkylarElizabeth™️

    So far it’s great.

    Had this for about a week now. Really happy with purchase. Came in wonderfully packaged. Brand new from box. So far it’s working as it should. Connected to my phone easily. Battery is the same as my old watch (s5). Will last all day and through the night but needs to be placed on charger to last the next morning which is fine because I take mine off every night and place it on it’s charger til 100% then turn it off until next day. Came with small size band which were perfect. Beautiful color. Came with charging cord. NOTE: the charging cable is a C charger. have to have a C port charging block. Over all I love it so much. Will update when I’ve had it over two months!Buy this watch!

    26 people found this helpful

  41. Alyssa

    A great buy for most users

    The watch is great for most users because it has most of the basic features you would need in a smart watch. This is especially a great buy for people on a budget. I only wished that the battery life lasted a bit longer. I have the gps only watch so I don’t know how it fares on a cellular network but it’s nice that you can walk a bit of distance from your watch and still have access to the internet. I mostly use the watch to get notifications from my phone without having to take out my phone (at work).

    7 people found this helpful

  42. Sabrina Schwendeman

    In love with This watch!

    I debated for a few years whether or not to get one of these watches. I didn’t want it to be a bigger distraction or keep me on my phone more. But it’s actually done the opposite! I check my messages real quick and don’t have to pull my phone out of my purse! Battery life is ok. I have to charge mine every night. Plus there are so many bands and cases you can get for it to Make it your own style!

    10 people found this helpful

  43. Linda Benedict

    Right now I am happy

    The battery could last longer and I don’t think I understand the feature

  44. Tim M.

    Fantastic Gift

    Bought this for my kid and she absolutely loves it. Great value for the price and would absolutely purchase again.

  45. Mildred

    Buena calidad

    Buen estado

  46. Diana H.

    Apple Watch band

    Much better for smaller wrists.

  47. Rodney Oberle


    As ordered

  48. MaribelMaribel

    Great but wrong band size

    The watch is great but its 40mm and the band was 41mm. Thankfully I purchased a different band anyway but just a little disappointing. I’m terrible about returning things. I’ve already connected my phone to the watch and don’t know if I would have to return the whole thing if I did want the correct size. Love the watch though!

    One person found this helpful

  49. Scot Schroeder

    Great Second Iwatch

    I used this IWatch to replace my first one and it works great. The screen is a little bigger which is nice. I’m sure this one will last several years like the first one did.

  50. Rick P.

    Apple Watch is great!

    This was for my wife, she likes it! The SE is not as many features as the regular Apple watches but fits what she needs.

  51. EDK

    Awesome value – the best Apple Watch for most users

    After switching back over to an iPhone, I decided to give the Apple Watch SE 2 a try since it was on sale for Black Friday. I didn’t think there would be much use for it other than the fitness tracker but I was pleasantly surprised. The fitness tracking is great but I am highly suspicious of the estimated calories burned when tracking traditional weight training. Having Apple Pay on your wrist is really convenient and the walkie-talkie function is super cool. I also like how you can answer phone calls from your wrist in case your phone isn’t on you at the time. I am terrible about charging my devices so I wish the battery life was better but you can get through a solid day and a half if you aren’t fiddling with the watch too much. If you don’t care about having an always on display and are a dude like me that doesn’t need a thermometer for menstruation tracking, get this one and save a bunch of money.

    29 people found this helpful

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