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  • Komplett set professionell högkvalitativ huvudbakre bakkamera med skruvmejslar för enkel installation
  • Kompatibel med iPhone X A1865 A1901 A1902 A1903 Viktigt: Kontrollera modellnumret på din enhet innan du köper den här artikeln. Du kan hitta din enhets modelltyp på din enhet och/eller i inställningarna.
  • Enkel installation: Exakt ersättningsdel som används för att ersätta den trasiga skadade delen! Perfekt passform. Du behöver ingen tekniker för att göra det.

Ytterligare information

1.5 x 1 x 0.6 inches

0.317 ounces

IPhone x 5.8" rear camera replacement

12 MP

IPhone X

5 recensioner av iPhone X bakkamera

  1. Edward E.Edward E.

    Close, but not exactly. However still quite good.

    The part fits perfectly where it needs to and exactly.The order shipped as expected.The quality of the pictures taken with this camera component replacement are quite good, but not as good as the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) that was installed. I compared pictures taken before my camera broke and pictures taken with this replacement and there are very minor differences. The sharpness and details of the image varies slightly as well as the colors. I’m not professional photographer, but have an eye for details. I took pictures both indoors under different lighting conditions as well as outdoors under different lighting conditions.When comparing images, there is a slight noticeable difference. The saturation level of original installed camera was better, the noise level was significantly less noticeable on the original installed camera, and the images were much more details and sharp on my original installed camera. So (i’m guessing here) the megapixel might not be exactly 12 MP or just under for this replacement component. There will always be manufacturing variations just like storage or memory; nothing is exactly 8 Gigabytes of RAM or 256 Gigs of storage.Regardless, for me it was still better than sending this to Apple to fix since their site ESTIMATED in the $500+ range. I don’t know if that would have been the actual final bill amount, but didn’t want to find out. This is the X model…why would I spend $500 for fixing when that’s already almost half of what I paid for the phone.Additionally, those phone fix-it places would likely have been in the $100-$200 Range and that’s not including the parts.I like DIY stuff and was a bit intimidated at the beginning, since electronics is not my area, but after watching a few videos I was hesitantly confident I could do it and was VERY happy in the end. Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy.In total it was $90 for the camera and waterproof seal and an hour of my time, but I get the bragging rights that I fixed it myself and it works!

  2. Jabrinia

    Purchased to replace camera for iPhone

    This camera wasn’t too bad to install and the quality is great, according to my husband.However, please note that you won’t be able to use this camera for Face ID on your iPhone. I believe this is mainly to Apple’s restrictions.

  3. Ken E

    I was skeptical, but it’s the real thing

    I started having the fairly widespread iPhone X camera rattle problem. I usually don’t trust off-brand products for this kind of thing, so I ordered a used camera off iFixit (which was $101 after shipping). After about a week or so, it arrived in a package with very little protection, and I attempted to install it, but my phone just never recognized it no matter how many times I reseated the connectors. Dead on arrival. I couldn’t go any longer without a camera, so I took a chance on this due to the reviews seeming decent. It worked first time, and the camera quality is just like before as far as I can tell. If it isn’t OEM, I would definitely never notice. I’m very happy with my purchase!

  4. Stephen M. Caruso

    Excellent an easy install!!!

    Excellent and easy install!!

  5. Christopher

    Definitely an OME

    Fast delivery looks as genuine as it could be very well packaged comes in a nice static bag in a nice box

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